Last Updated: 16 January 2019


The A.A. World Service’s recommended method of formulating the distribution of a group’s contribution is by using the 50-30-10-10 split.

Generally, it is suggested for the A.A. groups of Santa Clarita Valley:

50% to the Central Office

30% to G.S.O.

10% to Area 93

10% to District 7

Although, it is the group's individual conscious that can make the final decision.

 Please give what you can.

“Self Support Begins With Me”

Individual and Group Contributions can be made here.

Your contributions are what make this possible.

Please give what you can.

(Alcoholics Anonymous can not accept contributions of more than

$3,000 per individual group or member per year.)

Please contact us to make a contribution call 661-250-9922.

Thank You!!